REMO ePCR Policy Agreement

This agreement and all terms set forth within the agreement must be completed before an EMS agency can go live with Electronic PCRs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

REMO Electronic PCR Policy

As the electronic age advances REMO will continue to advance as well. In order to assist the regional agencies in meeting the demands of collecting electronic patient care data, the following policy has been developed. In order to participate in an electronic PCR program agencies must:

1. Be in compliance with all applicable REMSCO, REMAC, and REMO region procedures, policies, and protocols.

2. Be submitting paper PCRs to REMO on a routine and on-going basis with a minimal amount of returns.

3. Contact REMO in writing to determine electronic reporting requirements, and request approval for  electronic submission.

4. Conduct testing of the data to insure proper format and electronic transmission to the satisfaction of REMO.

5. Submit PCR data to REMO in the specified data format by the 20th of each month. For example – PCRs completed in November will be due at REMO by December 20th.

6. Provide REMO with additional data sets as requested for QI studies or other research projects.

7. Services with call volumes fewer than five thousand must submit PCR data electronically through REMO. Services with more than five thousand calls may submit directly to the New York State Bureau of EMS. Any service who submits data directly to the New York State Bureau of EMS must also send a copy of the electronic data to REMO.

8. Electronic data submission is to be submitted to REMO in the approved electronic format either on a CD via US Mail, or via e-mail to

9. If any changes or interruptions are made to the electronic patient record system that may effect data submission, the EMS service must notify REMO in writing ten (10) business days prior to implementation, or as soon as possible after the interruption.

10. The REMAC have previously approved vendors who have versions of an electronic PCR program that meet the requirements of the REMO region. Any agency who wishes to utilize a vendor not yet approved by the REMAC must comply with the following:

  •  The agency must provide REMO with the name of the vendor.
  •  The vendor must contact REMO and provide the specifications of the electronic PCR program.
  •  The vendor must work with REMO to ensure that the electronic data format submitted is compatible with the software format, and acceptable for use at REMO.
  •  The agency and vendor are jointly responsible for ensuring that all required data points are collected and transferred to REMO.
  •  The agency and vendor must be able to assure the following – as the needs of REMO and the NYS Bureau of EMS change, the necessary data fields will be able to change to meet the needs.
  •  The agency and/or vendor are responsible for any cost to REMO as a result of having any new software tested and approved for compatibility with the existing REMO software. This cost includes, but is not limited to, consultants, software developers, or any additional computer hardware required as a       result of the new electronic PCR program.

11. Any agency submitting electronic PCR data must provide paper copies of any requested PCR to REMO upon request.

12. Prior to approval by REMO to utilize electronic PCRs, the agency must submit a plan detailing the following:

  •  A description of the electronic PCR hardware system infrastructure.
  •  A description of the electronic PCR software system.
  •  Proof of system redundancy.

  •  Proof of contacts for technical support, maintenance, upgrading, and trouble-shooting.
  •  Information relative to the hardware and software products chosen for the system.
  •  Proof of the method of transmission chosen to send the electronic data to REMO.
  •  A statement of understanding and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

13. Once the above information is submitted to REMO the agency will be notified as to the next appropriate course of action. For additional information please refer to NYS Bureau of EMS Policy Statement # 12-03

The Regional EMS Council of the Hudson Mohawk Valleys (REMSCO), Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC), and the Regional Emergency Medical Organization of the Hudson Mohawk Valleys (REMO) do not endorse any particular software or hardware vendor. Additionally,

the REMSCO, REMAC, and REMO cannot guarantee the consistency of the format as currently utilized by the NYS Bureau of EMS.